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Creative CVs (lecture 3)

An art CV is really about documenting your creative career, listing all you have done to better your skills and the experiences you have and what you have achieved. As with a portfolio, you should edit the CV to suit what it is you are applying for. It is a good idea to not include a photograph as some people may have bad intentions, judging you on your looks rather than achievements. With each opportunity or job you are applying for, they will be looking at a different area in your CV, so you may need to anticipate these first to highlight certain parts and tone-down others. A creative CV is very different to a regular CV that I have already.

Below I have begun to put together my creative CV, but I do have a lot of blanks at the moment. My aims coming out of university are to fill these blanks as soon as possible, but for now, I have included prompts for what else could go into the CV and have filled it out including achievements I should have straight after graduation and things I’m currently working on. If I were to show this to someone, I would take out these prompts first, but having parts of it filled it is quite motivating to see that my CV will begin to form if I work towards these endeavours.

Rebecca Davis


49 Coronation Avenue

Bath, BA2 2JU


Originally from Staffordshire, currently living and working in Bath

Working towards a BA (Hons) Photography from Bath Spa University.


Bath Spa University Degree Show, 2021, Locksbrook Campus (Group)

Men From Small Towns and The Romanticism Of The Railway , 2021, Churnet Valley (Solo)


(Any private or public collections your works been bought for- year of purchase, name of collector/company)


(Any you’ve won or been short listed for)


(Articles, books, academic papers written about you/ your work or that you have written. inc name of essay/article, name of publication, issue/volume, date)


Protecting Breastfeeding: A Shared Responsibility Campaign, 2021, Motherhood Partnership Plus

Below is a checklist taken from the lecture slides for putting together a CV. I think that this checklist will be very useful in the future when I have more achievements to add.

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