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About Me

I am a fine-art and documentary photographer, using quietness to my advantage, I observe situations, then recall them through clean compositions and muted colour schemes. My work at times feels close to poetry despite the subject matter often being the mundane, with the aims of the work being to capture the exceptional within the unexpected. My strife for this comes from growing up in the rural landscape which can feel distant and behind the times. Nostalgia and memory of the past also tend to linger throughout my work which is narrative heavy, due to my motivations to tell stories through still imagery.

Please contact me for inquiries and creative opportunities


Source Graduate Photography Online (2021)

Photograd Online Degree Show (2021)

Pupilsphere (2021)


Photobook Cafe, Old Street, London with Vice Magazine (2021)

Bath School of Art and Design, Degree Show (2021)

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