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Glass Houses

Glass Houses was made between the months of March to June 2020, of which the cases of COVID-19 were at it’s peak in the UK. The virus has greatly affected the economy and took a toll on businesses big and small. I initially pointed my camera towards my family’s small business to observe the struggles they would face as the country went into lockdown. Through doing this, I realised that the care, love and protection being given to the plants was being mirrored in the wider picture. I saw the time that went into nurturing these plants to ensure they successfully grew from seedlings to fulfilling their purpose. Attending to the delicate and fragile wasn’t simply something I witnessed within the walls of the allotment, it was everywhere.


On the other hand, situations can change and no matter how well we prepare, predictions are not always true. It was a treacherous time, with so much beauty yet so much death surrounding us all.

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